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Managing Email with Groups and Aliases

While email is a useful business tool, the sheer volume of emails can quickly become overwhelming.

There are a few useful tools that can be used to manage your email. To demonstrate these, we will use a fictitious company: Toms Tiles Ltd is a major tile retailer. Their website is and have a staff of 50 which is growing in line with the company.


  1. Mailbox: Mailboxes are usually associated with individuals, for example, the owners Tom, email is His other staff have similar mailboxemailboxes. All emails sent from and received to this mailbox are stored here.
  2. Alias: Perhaps Tom wishes to file emails sent from top customers in a separate folder. His IT provider creates an email alias called which only his top customers know. This alias is tied to his email box, and a rule routes all emails sent to this alias to a separate folder.
  3. Distribution Group: The website displays 3 email address for people to make enquiries:;; and These are actually distribution groups which route emails to specific users. is a group which routes emails to Toms Sales team, which is currently 5 people, although future staff can be easily added (or removed) from this group. is routed to a person working in the operating department to review general queries. goes to Tom, as well as his Operations Director who reviews any job applications.


So it makes sense to use available tools to manage email workflow so that the feared mailbox can finally be tamed! Questions on this or other areas of your IT? Get in touch by calling us at 091 395413 and we'll be happy to help.


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Friday, 04 December 2020

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